Financial Assistance

Girls on the Run offers scholarships to girls and families qualifying for financial assistance to participate in the program. Scholarships are available for every GOTR site in Iredell and Rowan County.

To receive financial assistance for the upcoming season, complete the scholarship information during your online registration and choose your scholarship amount.  At this time there is no additional paperwork necessary.  Financial Assistance is need based and applied on a suggested sliding scale.  You will be asked to confirm that the information you provide is accurate and that you will, if requested, provide tax documents to support your need.  For any financial assistance, you may be required to submit tax forms/testimonials.  The sliding scale is suggested.  If you would like to pay more or less we will still review your request.

Registration Fee: $110 (includes Running Buddy fee)

Suggested Sliding Scale: If your yearly Household Income is

$19,999 or less — $25

$20,000-$35,000– $50

$35,000-$50,000– $75

To receive a full assistance you will need to demonstrate need based on salary and circumstances.  Additionally, you will need to contact Tanya Kummerow at Girls on the Run to request full assistance.

If you have questions on the process or application itself, please contact the Girls on the Run office at 704-280-6203 or by email at

Girls on the Run serving Iredell and Rowan Counties has never turned away a scholarship request.  It is because of our great sponsors and donors that we continue to offer financial assistance.  Please follow the link if you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to Girls on the Run serving Iredell and Rowan Counties to support our financial assistance program.